Mission Statment

The purpose of the Small Air Forces Clearinghouse (SAFCH) is to "promote interest in the history and modeling of the aircraft of the smaller countries of the world". In support of this goal, the SAFCH encourages international cooperation in researching aviation history, both military and civil, from all periods of time, and for all the smaller countries. The results of this research are published in our quarterly journal, the Small Air Forces Observer (SAFO). To further international cooperation, articles published in SAFO can be reprinted provided permission of the author is obtained and the SAFO is identified in the reprint.

Subscription Rates

Annual subscription to four issues of the paper edition costs $20.00 in the USA, $24.00 in Canada and Mexico, and $28.00 for airmail to the rest of world. Four issues of the cyber editions cost $12.00. Payment may be made in currency, by International Money Order, by. a check in US dollars, or via PayPal to safo@redshift.com (add 7% for PayPal fee). New subscriptions begin with the next issue published after payment is received. If you desire otherwise, specify which back issues are desired. Send remittance to Jim Sanders, 27965 Berwick Dr., Carmel, CA 93923 USA.

Sponsorship Program

To keep the SAFCH truly international, the SAFCH Sponsorship Program encourages US members to sponsor the subscription for friends in other countries. In addition, money in our Sponsorship Fund can provide subscriptions for deserving non-US members without an individual sponsor. Also, members in temporary financial difficulty can be provided a one-year subscription using money from our Sponsorship Fund. The Sponsorship Fund is supported by the generous donations of SAFCH members.

Back Issues

Back issues are available for all issues of the SAFO.

Original issues (when available) are free - you pay only for p&p. Out-of-print issues are available two ways: (1) As high-quality Xerox copies for $3.00 plus p&p. (2) Via e-mail as .pdf documents (when available) for $3.00. Note: All .pdf issues after #137 are in color. For a list of all issues, their content, and their availability send an e-mail request or $2.00 for snail mail to the editorial office.

Back Issues

SAFO Store

Items are frequently received from members wishing to inform SAFO readers of the products they produce, such as books, magazines, kits, decals, CDs, etc. After these items are reviewed in SAFO, they are made available through the SAFCH Store. The money collected from the sale of these items goes into the provider's SAFCH account.

These items are available in small quantities, usually only ones and twos. Therefore it is best that you contact us to determine availablity and the exact cost of your order.

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